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Dogs' On-Point Reactions to Hearing the Words 'Peanut Butter' Make Us LOL

We need to give our dogs more credit for how slick and smart they are. Besides learning tricks, they picked up on some of the words we say - outside, walk, treat, etc. Whether or not they want to listen to some of the words we say, no that's a different story. LOL! Let's just call it selective hearing. One thing we all know is that hearing works anytime there's food involved!

TikTok user @shabanko12's two dogs were barking away at someone sitting on the couch. It seemed like nothing would stop them, but of course, this creator knew better. He pulled out his secret trick that would grab their attention immediately. All it took was two words - peanut butter. And the dogs' reaction to him saying it is one of the funniest things we've ever seen! 

LMAO! Have you ever seen a dog whip their head around so quickly?! He barely even finished the word before they shot him a look. Heck, they probably would've heard that from a mile away! And it was so in sync too. Not only do they have selective hearing, but they apparently also have laser-sharp hearing for their favorite words. Ha! 

@moonoveryou9 commented exactly what was going through those two doggy brains, "Say WHAT!?!!" That's the magic word in this house! Now, let's just hope he followed through and actually gave them some peanut butter for being good listeners...ok, partially good listeners. LOL! 

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"Best reaction ever 😂😂," said @victorialittle6. Right?! We seriously laughed so loudly when we watched this. @JayMo added, "Don’t you just love dogs’ selective hearing 😂." Yes, we love it and hate it! They're honestly too smart for our own good. And the worst part is, we let them get away with it because they're so dang cute!

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