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Dogs Refuse to Sit in the Dirt While Camping and We're So Here For It

We love the great outdoors, but even we have to admit that camping is a pretty acquired taste. Not everyone can do a full night sleeping on the ground, creepy crawlers in your sleeping bag, or spending the night without AC. Just like two dogs on TikTok, who were not feeling Mother Nature and cracked their owners up with their refusal to even sit on the ground. 

The funny footage was shared by a TikTok creator named Shayne (@goth_pack) of Baltimore, Maryland, who was probably imagining that his two dogs Briggs and Gus would be loving all this time in the sunshine. Well, not exactly. "We took our dogs camping and they refused to sit in the dirt," the text overlay states. And yep, you have to see how Briggs and Gus worked pretty hard to avoid sitting on the ground. 

"They prefer glamping," the caption jokes. Understandably, so many people were laughing at how picky the two pups were. The video has since been watched over 3 million times. 

"There’s bugs and no air conditioning. I’m with them," @hrhpapaya wrote in the comments section. "The pug is sitting like he has a retirement plan and 401K," @chocthemuse joked. "Listen, we were domesticated for a reason. If I wanted to sleep on the dirt, I'd be a wolf," @mrhowdyboy quipped. "The pug looks like every kid ever who’s having a temper tantrum and just wants to go home," @ellenfraser6 quipped. 

Fortunately for these two, the camping trip didn't last forever. We're sure they were very thankful to go home. Sometimes the best adventure is taking a long, luxurious, nap on your couch.