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Video of Dogs in Florida Shelter Saved From Puerto Rico Hurricane Is Sad Yet Heartwarming

Hurricane Fiona ripped through Puerto Rico earlier this week, leaving most residents without access to power or water. The storm brought in torrential downpours with part of the island receiving up to 30 inches of rain. This, of course, forced residents to evacuate. But we have to wonder, what are the animals doing to get to safety? 

It's a sad reality that stray animals can't necessarily help themselves when natural disasters strike. Luckily, there are kind humans and shelters that step in. And one example of that comes from a Florida humane society, known on TikTok @huamebroward. Take a look at all the animals they saved. The video will both break you and warm you up with hope. 

Aww, our hearts are breaking. But 30 animals?! That's an incredible number of animals they saved. It's so sweet the shelter took in these animals, but it's also so sad under the circumstances. We know these animals are in wonderful hands now and hopefully, very soon, families will adopt these fur babies. 

TikTok users can't stop praising the shelter for helping out. "Thank you for taking them in 🙏🏼," commented @maria.andrea.415. A thank you will never, ever be enough! "You are awesome for helping these precious babies. Thank you," added @pinocchio_67. 

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"Praying for all of these beautiful babies," said @austinleinhauser. Us too! They're probably all so confused about what is happening so they need all the prayers they can get. And one better than prayers is a forever home. @fastandf2 wrote, "I want to adopt them all." Oh, we wish we could bring home all 30 animals. Here's to hoping their forever families come along very soon!


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