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Dogs Relaxing in Their Robes From the 'Ritz-Carlton South Beach' Are As Extra As It Gets

What's your favorite part about staying at a hotel? Some love all the free amenities or even room service, but these two pups are bigger fans of their bathrobes.

Yep--their hotel brought them their own robes! Tinkerbelle and Belle the papitese (that's a Papillon/Maltese mix) stayed at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach with family recently, and they had the time of their lives. To say that they were treated like VIPS is an understatement! Both of the pups got to wear their own doggie-sized robes while they enjoyed their stay, and viewers can't get enough! 

Their fans saw it first on the @tinkerbelleadog TikTok account, but now they have the whole Internet talking!

It's official: these girls are extra AF, and we wouldn't have it any other way! They're clearly used to the finer things in life. Luckily, the Ritz-Carlton South Bay is the perfect place to be pampered and spoiled.

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"I want one of those robes so bad!!" commented @perrysmiles. So do we! These adorable dogs would be the perfect models for doggie robes, too. If the hotel is smart, they'll start selling them! In the meanwhile, we'll just copy @_lifewithkingston's master plan: "*runs to book hotel stay.*" 

Oh, the things we'll do for our fur babies! Just like @usctrojan310 wrote, "they deserve the best their owners can afford." They do make an excellent point, though. As awesome as it is to give your pet a luxurious hotel stay and fluffy bathrobe, it's not at all necessary for raising a happy pet. If a blanket and a trip to the park are more accessible to you, your dog will love them!

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