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Stray Dog's Impressive Run on a Soccer Field Is Cracking Us Up

If you know soccer, then you know the game doesn't stop for anything. The clock is continuous. There might be a few whistles here and there and a break at halftime, but the game truly never stops. Very rarely is there ever a delay of game. And if there ever is a pause in the game, we hope it's as cute as this one we saw circulating online recently. 

TikTok user @tsn, a Canadian sporting news site, shared what might be the best soccer video we've ever seen. The clip shows a soccer goalie bending down and petting a dog? Yes, a dog! As it turns out, a stray dog made its way onto the field and caused the game to stop. Other players and officials tried to get the fluff monster off the field, but it wasn't that easy. The hilariously adorable clip has reached over 3.1 million views in one day. We all know why - best soccer game ever! 

Aww! The dog seriously was so excited and couldn't stop running around. Even the crowd was cheering for him as he made a few escape attempts! Is this the new Air Bud in the making?! "Wait! Don't take me away from my people. They're cheering for me! They want an encore!" @OhNoNoNoBadKitty wrote what the dog was thinking. It's true! Never mind about soccer, we want this! 

"Time of his life. No one's going to believe him😂," said @Victoria Madeline. Aww, his friends aren't going to believe he actually made it out on the field when he goes back to them. Can someone send him home with a copy? LOL! And if the doggo wasn't a stray, could you imagine what the owner was probably thinking while watching this clip? @AnnaHoussen added, "At home, someone is watching saying 'That's my dog!' 😂." At least the dog is now a viral star! 

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