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Hilarious German Shepherd Is Everyone Who Hates Scary Movies

Spooky season usually means it's time for all the networks to start airing horror movies, and either you're a big fan of them or you'd rather watch the Real Housewives. Some people just don't enjoy scary movies and that's totally fine! 

But some people find getting scared by watching a horror movie one of the funnest things ever, but this is so not the case when it comes to @Mommadory147's big beautiful German Shepherd. Just look at this baby when her mom is watching a scary movie! 

Awwww! It's actually too adorable how this pretty girl is just not having it. @Naybee133 says "She knew that jump scare was coming. Was ready for it." @Mikeyy says "Tell me when it happened already!" @Alnielsen84 is agreeing with Alice by saying "I’ll be right there with the dog. No thank you!" Yup, she's either hiding from that big scary jump scare or looking to see if any food is left on the kitchen counter. 

It just makes us want to cuddle her and put on cartoons or something! Dogs! They are just like everyone who will be celebrating Halloween by finding Christmas movies to watch instead! 

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