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Video of Man's Kind Gesture Toward Shelter Dog Who Is Losing Hope Is So Moving

There are many dogs available for adoption across the country, and we hate to see these pup wallowing in shelters hoping for someone to adopt them. Many times, these dogs begin to lose hope that they will find their forever home. One man is trying to keep the faith alive for the pups at his local shelter with kind gestures.

TikTok user @rockykanakaofficial recently shared a video of a German Shepherd puppy named Penny who is currently at Animal Friends of the Valley, a shelter in Wildomar, California. In the video, Penny seems to be losing hope that she will find her forever home, so this man spends time with the pup to cheer her up. Check out the video to see what happens when she is shown some love and attention!

Awww, this is lovely! We're so happy that this simple yet kind gesture meant so much to Penny. We can tell that she is a sweet and loving girl who will find her forever home very soon. We believe in you, Penny!

People in the comments were amazed at the impact this gesture had on Penny. @affordableperfumereviews said, "She absolutely needed you in that moment. You gave her hope!" and @nickidogmom4life commented, "The smile on her face was priceless!" This pup had such an amazing transformation after being shown patience and compassion!

Others expressed gratitude to this user for the work he was doing with shelter dogs. @lclark68 commented, "Thank you for your work with these amazing animals." Another user, @vickygrabitz, said, "Thank God she had you. She needed to be loved!" We are endlessly thankful for kind souls such as this man who spend their time helping rescue dogs like Penny!

Animal Friends of the Valley commented on the video from their account, @animalfriendsofthevalley, to say that Penny has a hold on her from a potential adopter, but she is still available! If you're interested, make sure you stop in the shelter for a visit soon before someone else snatches her up. We know she will find her forever home very soon!

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