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Dogs' Reactions to Sister Coming Home From College Have Us in Tears

For many young adults, leaving your beloved pets behind is one of the hardest parts about going to college. This is why it is particularly joyous to return home from college for many students—they finally have the long awaited reunions with their furry friends. One young woman shared the moment she came home from college and reunited with her pups in this video you don't want to miss.

TikTok user @eegott recently shared a video taken when she walked in the door after returning home from college. In the video, this woman walks through the house without stopping in search of the family pups, Cooper and Pepper. Check out the video below to see what happens when she finally finds her fur siblings!

Awww, this is so sweet! Your pets are some of your best friends and longest companions, and being apart for long periods of time is painful, but this is what makes the reunions so sweet. These moments are guaranteed tear-jerkers!

People in the comments found this video very relatable to their own experiences returning home from college. @tamidearmon said, 'Love the first words… ”Where’s the dogs?”' and @cl0ek commented, "I can’t wait to see mine in December." These are reunions everyone in the family looks forward to!

Others shared how wonderful they thought this video was. @capecod7 commented, "That’s unconditional love," and @phatprick1 said, " This is probably the best feeling, for them to be so pleased to see you and give all that love." There's nothing that compares to the love and devotion of a dog!

We are so happy that these pups got to hang out with their sister while she was home from college! We know they missed each other and are cherishing this time together before she has to go back. Hopefully, she can come visit her pups again soon!

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