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Dogs' Sweet Reaction to Surprise Visit From Their Aunt Is Full of Pure Joy

When a dog loves you, you know it. They just don't have a way to hide their feelings. Like these two doggos on TikTok, who were perfectly floating when their aunt came to pay them a visit. Their sheer joy practically radiates through the screen!

Ruger and Willow (@ruger_and_willow) might not've realized that their aunt Nikki was coming for a visit. But when they were told about the special guest they were so, so happy. "Is Aunt Nikki coming over today?" a voice from behind the camera asks. Ruger then walked over to the glass door, where he cried as he watched his aunt walk down their street. When Nikki finally got to their house Ruger was ecstatic. Just look at his tail.

"The pups haven't seen her in almost 9 months (she lives out of state). They were so happy to see her!" the video's caption reads.

People in the comments section were charmed by this family reunion. "Dogs don't forget people they love," @janfmoller explained. "I know that Great Dane hug felt nice," @daffy089 added. "Not acceptable that they had to wait to see her. Dogs never forget," @perfectly.broken chimed in. "Awww so cute how they stare out the window waiting for their loved ones," @nenene004 commented. 

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While another commenter, @alexrenee16 had this to say: "My best friend and I had a falling out three years ago, reconnected recently and her Pit about tackled me to the floor with hugs."

Dogs are just the best, aren't they? It's always nice to know that you'll never be forgotten.

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