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Two Dogs and Their Different Reactions to Medicine Is Cracking Us Up

TikTok user @maggiemcclurkin has the perfect video that shows us just how different dogs can be. You would think her two Golden Retrievers would show similarities, but just like humans, they each have a personality of their own. 

In this example, both of her dogs need to take medicine. And well, their reactions couldn't be any more different from one another. Do either of these reactions remind you of your pet? 

LMAO! We wish our dog could be more like the first one, but we know that ain't ever happening. We'd bet most dogs are like the second on in this clip. Some how they just know when it's not actually food. They'll fight you with all their might so they don't have to take any medicine. Sounds a little like children if you ask us! 

"As soon as I saw their ears I knew which one was going to be trouble," commented @jovetancourt91. HA! It's so true! The one who wanted the medicine had his ears perked up the entire time. It didn't matter what was in the owner's hands. He was going to eat it regardless! In fact, he loved it so much he wanted more! @silverbeauty24 added, "I love how the first dog was about to eat it out of the second dog’s mouth." SAME! 

If your dog is like the second one who won't take the medicine, maybe you should try @laurenkosler43's suggestion. The comment reads, "Dip it in peanut butter!!!! Works every time!" That's brilliant! You best believe we'll be trying that next time we need to give our fur baby medicine. 


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