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People are Cracking Up Over Video of Humans Waiting for Their Dogs to Stop Talking

Have you ever felt like a guest at your own party? Well, that's exactly what happened to a family during their Easter celebration. Apparently their dogs were happy to see each other just as much as the humans were, and video of them taking over the party is just too funny for words.

The video was shared by @angelarmcg (or Awhooo Crew, as she goes by online) who noticed that her family's pups were totally vibing with each other — much to the humans' chagrin. "POV: My having Easter and the adults having to wait for the dogs' conversation to be over to continue theirs," @angelarmcg explained in the video's text overlay. The footage doesn't lie. All three dogs were howling away at each other, while the humans patiently waited for it to be over. The looks on the humans' faces is all of us when stuck talking to someone who is really long-winded. See for yourself!

"A regular day in the life," @angelarmcg mused in the caption.

More than 3 million people have tuned in for the dogs' holiday chat. "I love that the (assuming) guests are sitting on the fireplace and not the couches. (It’s the dogs home)," @chelseym commented. "Hey, hey, hey, I don't know about Aunt Linda cooking easter dinner' lol," @hannahsophia113 teased. "They must be talking about the political and economic state of the world right now," @denseballs joked. "They were like 'look this what you guys sound like,'" @a_v3ry_w3ird_p3rs0n quipped. 

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We're sure the humans were (eventually) able to start talking again. But we all know who was really in charge.

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