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Video of Labradors Teaming Up to Use a Water Spout Is Going Viral

They say giving your dogs challenging toys and puzzles will help stimulate their brains. Plus, we think giving dogs some type of puzzle will keep them engaged longer. Just take what happened with two Labradors as an example of dogs staying entertained by a toy. Although, this toy shouldn't have been too hard to figure out...

One TikTok account, @thelablover, shares the top videos of Labs from their Facebook page. And one video, in particular, took off once it was posted to TikTok. The clip now has over 8.4 million views and 773.4K likes. The two dogs were trying to figure out how to get the water out of the doggy fountain. They did it, but by the looks of it, it doesn't really look right. LOL! 

Ha! How did the two of them not figure out together that if you keep your paw on the button the water will be a continuous stream?! It's like the old saying, how many does it take to change a light bulb. Maybe one more dog would do the trick to figure out the toy. LOL! 

"Looks like Molly is smarter in school but Rocky is smarter in real life😅," said @dinfelisse. This is a perfect example of book smart vs street smart. LOL! Molly is book smart and Rocky is street smart. "Molly is doing all the work and getting none of the reward😭," commented @Brianna Vega. Aww, poor Molly! Maybe she should take a lesson from Rocky because like @Milktea Ni Angela said, "The black dog said work smarter don't work hard😅😅😅😅." Ain't that the truth! 

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But instead of comparing them to book vs street smart, we think it's better to support what @Jezza San Miguel220 said. The comment reads, "They are both smart!! So cute!!" Yes! Both smart in their own ways and we love that they were playing together. Now, let's just hope Molly gets some water too! 

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