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Video of Dogs Patiently Waiting to Enjoy Birthday Cupcakes Makes Us LOL

OK, let's be real here.--we all know that the cake is the best part of any birthday party. Sure, everyone has their preferences, but even mediocre cake is better than no cake. Turns out, dogs feel the same way about this, just ask Archie the Yellow Lab and his Rottweiler fur siblings! 

Archie, Nova, and Aurora are more commonly known as The 3 Pupsketeers because they do absolutely everything together, including celebrating each other's birthdays! When Archie turned 6 recently, their mum knew they had to keep up their yearly cupcake tradition, and a viral video was born. Thanks, Mum! 

The patience on these pups is absolutely incredible--just look and see!

Happy Birthday, Archie! What a good boy you are! We can't believe all three pups waited through the entire song without chowing down, and we aren't the only ones. Commenters are equally amazed at their willpower and their relatability, and we don't blame them one bit!

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"Archie’s facial expression is how I feel when ppl doing happy birthday to me," wrote @pancakecoffeecake, and if that's not the most relatable thing ever we don't know what is. What even are you supposed to do when everyone is singing to you?

If it weren't awkward enough, these pups clearly aren't fans of being looked at and sung to. "Archie is like 'mum I told you no more surprise parties' 😂," said @xxxjemmyxxx. LOL! His siblings don't look overly amused, either, so clearly, this was all Mum's doing. 

@Ranudijay noticed the formal-looking way the pups were sitting at the table and joked that "Archie got bodyguards," while the pups' Mum replied, "he’s the little slither of cream in the Oreo 😂." Aww, he does look quite petite and protected between his Rottie siblings. How sweet! 

Let's just say, we can't wait until Nova or Aurora has a birthday! This is their mum's favorite birthday tradition, and you'll find more videos like this on their channel.

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