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Golden Retrievers Who Love Watching Themselves on TV Have Us Obsessed

It's always fascinating how some dogs couldn't care less about the television, while others go hog wild. There's no way to know how it will go! Still, it's pretty dang funny when you find something specific they react to

For these two Golden Retrievers, though, not just any old TV will get them going. Tucker and Todd from the @tuckerbudzyn TikTok account love watching themselves on screen! Yep, this father-son duo know just how fabulous they are, and they can't get enough of themselves. Honestly, though, how could we blame them? They're darling!

We'd go wild seeing these gorgeous boys on TV, too! Their curious energy is the cutest thing, and we just can't get enough. Luckily, there are tons of other Tucker and Todd enthusiasts to fangirl with in the comments section of this video, so the cuteness doesn't have to end when the clip does.

"Oh my heart that is adorable!!!!" raved @beaver86. We're right there with you! These precious guys are just so cuddly and silly; we could watch them all day! And we seriously just might. These dudes have so much content already--no wonder they have so many followers and fans!

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Just like @sydey_31, we seriously LOLed "When the food fell out of frame and he went to eat it." We don't know which pup this was, but we love him with our whole heart. So pure, so innocent...protect these Goldens at all costs! We just hope the sweet boy got a treat after filming, too. 

"The golden rule of content creation," wrote @b1naryb0t. "You should enjoy watching it yourself." Isn't that the truth? If this is how Todd and Tucker select their video footage, quality control will be a cinch! 

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