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Video of Dog on Boat Getting Scared by Dolphin Is Cracking Us Up

We've all gotten scared at least once in our life. And if you say you haven't, you're lying to yourself! Even the biggest, burliest and brawniest can be fearful. It's normal! Some might get scared more easily than others, but we promise you, everyone has felt that way at some point. The same goes for animals too. Dogs with a hunting background like Rhodesian Ridgebacks can even get spooked. And we don't mean to laugh about it, but it's hard not to with this one TikTok video in particular.  

TikTok user @djmyersrealtor was out enjoying a Florida summer day on the boat with her dog. And in those Florida waters, you're likely to spot dolphins. This time, a dolphin was swimming right behind her boat. She filmed one jumping out of the water for a second, which of course made her pup go over to check what was happening. He kept looking out with no luck of seeing the dolphin. That is until it jumps out of the water again, frightening the dog. His reaction is priceless! 

Aww, poor pup! We feel bad for laughing, but how could one be scared of dolphins?! There are plenty of scarier animals in the ocean. To be fair, it did jump out of nowhere so we see why he was so scared. We jump every time we watch a scary movie so maybe we shouldn't be too hard on him. LOL!   

"Bred to hunt lions, terrified of dolphins 😂," said @bryanaspinwall. Lions are on land and dolphins are in the ocean. Two completely different beasts! LOL! And like we said before, some creatures scare easier than others.

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Does anyone else think this doggo isn't getting back on a boat anytime soon?! @Samuel lucas wrote, "Pups like, 'NOPE NOT TODAY!'" And not tomorrow or the day after that! @mother_of_doggos added what the dog was thinking, "We are not hunting lions anymore, Momma! You on your own😂." LOL! He was probably thinking, "I didn't sign up for this." We just hope as scared as he was, he got comforted and all the treats he could want! 

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