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Video of Dolphins Jumping in the Hudson River in New York City Is Something Else

There's not much you'd expect to see when kayaking in the Hudson River. That is except for the iconic New York City skyline. But ask any New Yorker and they'll tell you how that river is disgusting. And how could any animal live in it? That's why it was so unusual for these kayakers to see what they did in the water. 

The TODAY Show, known on TikTok as @todayshow, reposted a video from Habiba Hussain and Manhattan Kayak Club that shows a group of kayakers greeted by one of the ocean's sweetest animals. Dolphins! As it turns out, the dolphins were swimming around the kayakers for about an hour. You'll be amazed at how close this group was to these sea creatures. 

WOW! We imagine it's pretty rare to kayak this close to dolphins in general but now in the Hudson? That's unheard of! We can't believe how long the dolphins stayed either. They only left because the motor boats frightened them. A core memory to last a lifetime! 

"What a pleasant surprise!" said @user814346019244. Right?! We imagine kayaking is about to become very popular in NYC after this clip. "That's so cool to be able to see that in person..." added @gigi19645. We'd seriously do anything to have this experience! 

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@cashoutcraig asked, "Do dolphins think, 'Hey we in NYC?'" LOL! We're picturing them reacting the same way as Dory did in Finding Nemo when they finally reached Sydney. Pure amazement! We also have to salute the tremendous job the city has been doing to clean the Hudson. According to a DailyMail article, NYC rivers are cleaner than at any point since the Civil War. Wow! "This is an accomplishment yay to all the years of effort put into cleaning the Hudson 🐬," said @naraseeps. Let's keep that momentum going! "Orcas next?" wrote @JimmySotenim. 

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