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Video of Dolphins Jumping Over Women Jetskiing Is Straight Out of a Fairytale

The official @barstoolsports TikTok account reposted a clip of what might be the greatest and luckiest videos we've ever seen. Even just watching it a million times over, we can't believe this actually happened to Instagram user @zoeteikmata. Heck, she can't believe it herself! 

The clip starts with her entering her car just absolutely speechless. She then replays the situation that just happened as she was jetskiing in the bluest of waters. You'll notice that there are dolphins swimming right under her! And not just one, several. The camera can't even capture all of them! Then one dolphin does something so spectacular that it's only seen in fairytales. Or so you thought! There's only one word to describe it - epic.  

O.M.G. This is just beyond beautiful. First of all, jetskiing looks like so much fun. Then you mix in this experience?! Unforgettable! In her Instagram caption, she wrote that she spent the day with a pod of 20 dolphins. Does it get any better than that? Well, for her it does. The dolphin really jumped right over her head! We told you it was straight out of a fairytale. 

"This is MY DREAM!!! Amazing!!!" said @Christina Carew. This has to be everyone's dream and if it's not, it definitely is now! @courtneykinnare added, "I would CRYYY!" So would we! We'd cry and then be speechless just like her because well, how can you even describe an experience like this?! 

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Another TikTok user, @seanlancer22, wrote, "No one would have believed her if she didn't film it." Heck, she filmed it and we still don't believe her. LOL! But it's true. This moment is straight out of a movie. It would've been impossible to believe her. And of course, words wouldn't have done this moment justice. She's so lucky to capture this moment. A core memory that will live with her forever!

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