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Woman Rescues Sweet Domesticated Bird at the Beach and We're So Here for It

TikTok user @mermaidjacy has a little PSA for all of us after she and her sister saved an animal. She told users that all her life she and her family rescued animals. She grew up on a farm outside the city and they would always find abandoned animals off the side of the road. So when her sister found an animal all alone at the beach, they knew they needed to step in, just like they'd done dozens of times before. 

The important message she shared with us is to not let our children throw things at any animal - wild or domestic. She highlights this because when her sister found this poor abandoned dove at the beach, kids were throwing sand and rocks at him. Luckily, they stepped in. Watch as she comforts the bird and how happy he looks after being saved. It's so beautiful!

Aww! We are torn because we can't believe someone would leave this beautiful bird and people would be cruel to it. But we're also so glad they found him and that he's safe with this TikToker's sister.

"That bird is gonna be so attached to you," said @itsblueberrytime. Heck, that bird is going to be attached to both of them! They truly saved his life. The creator even responded and said the bird already bonded to her sister. So cute! "That poor dove. He or she was in your path for a reason. I hope y'all give it a really good and forever home. Beautiful," added @Isleta Ayo. Based on their experience, we know this bird is going to have an excellent home with them! 

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"This bird is like. 'Yes new mommy, you're right. I don't belong out here,'" commented @SailorMail. And she won't be there anymore! The creator's sister is keeping this beautiful bird. He'll have all the food and love he could ever want!

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