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Donkey's Precious Way of Saying 'Good Morning' Is Totally Irresistible

If we could wake up every morning to the sweet sounds of Hank the donkey, we totally would. And you'll definitely agree with us after watching this incredible video of Hank saying hello to his mama early one day. We guess you could call him the world's best alarm clock!

The adorable footage comes to us from Triple Brook Farm (@triplebrookfarm) in Georgia. Triple Brook has so many different animals on their property, but without a doubt the one that makes the loudest impression is their donkey Hank. The video shows Hank's owner calling out to say hello to him — and his cheerful response is too perfect. "Always makes me SMILE. Everybody needs a Hank," the video's text overlay reads. You have to see what Hank does after he says hello — too cute!

The video has since been watched over 570,000 times and people couldn't stop laughing at Hank's hearty hello. "Love the battle cry before he charged," @williefredfro joked in the comments section. "'Mom!!!!! I'm coming Mom!!' so cute!" @karaleecarr teased. "I would like to borrow Hank from 8 am to 9 am to out a smile on my face for the day," @shellybellycomedy begged. "I TOTALLY WANT A HANK!! WITHOUT A DOUBT!! THE LOVE IS INCREDIBLE," @kelleighkins15 exclaimed. 

Mornings aren't the only times where Hank is at his happiest. Video of the donkey frolicking in the sun is beyond adorable. "Hope your day is as happy as Hank," his owner wrote in the caption. 

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Here's hoping it will be!

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