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Video of Donkey Greeting His Favorite Little Human Is Totally Irresistible

The relationship between a donkey named Snickers and a little girl might seem unusual, but when you see it in action it makes complete sense! As can be seen in a new TikTok video online, the two are so gentle with each other. And watching Snickers as he says hello to his little friend is pretty much guaranteed to melt hearts.

According to the video on the @kloud9acres page, it all started when the little Mia and her mama were having a bad day, so they went to pay the donkey a visit. Enter a very happy Snickers, who patiently allowed Mia and her mama to give him some pets. Yep, that would cheer us up too if we were having a blue day. "Snickers loves his little humans," the video's caption states. Just look at how happy Mia is during their visit. That's one happy girl! 

With almost 380,000 views, it seems like other people needed a trip to visit Snickers too. "Snickers is an Angel on earth. Loves his babies!!" @lilliantay1 wrote. "That immediate tail wag from Snickers," @bri_hand wrote before adding a heart-eye emoji. "You can just see the love in his eyes," @karynrachelle pointed out. "He is so gentle. I wish everyone had access to a Snickers," @grammie462.

This wasn't the first time that Mia and Snicker's special relationship got attention online. In a previous video. Mia's "obsession" with the animal received thousands of views. She even almost seems to say Snickers in the footage. So cute!

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What a special childhood Mia is having. May all of our kids love animals as much as this little one does.

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