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Donkey Who Woke Mom Out of a Dead Sleep to Help a Goat in Distress Is a True Hero

When you hear about a middle-of-the-night livestock rescue, a dog is usually the hero at-hand. This time, though, a different kind of animal gets credit for being the hero we needed (and didn't deserve). The goat he saved deserved it, though, which is why we're so impressed with Waffles' quick thinking and persistence. He's such a good donkey

Yep, you read that correctly. Waffles the donkey is the livestock guardian for Stephanie W.'s beloved animals--and he's a great one at that. When he woke Stephanie--who goes by @thisismycircus0 on TikTok-- in the middle of the night, she had no idea just how heroic he was being. 

Good boy, Waffles! He literally saved Toro the goat (and quite possibly the entire herd), and kept him calm while Mom got the wire cutters. No wonder TikTok is going bananas for him! Just like commenter @verosalsxar said, "Waffles [you're] a hero🥰🥰🥰." We think he knows it, too! 

"Waffles was basking in your praise he almost looks like he's smiling 🥰," wrote @techkpd85. He totally was! To be fair, there's never a bad time for treats and head scratches, but rewards feel extra good after a job well done. 

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Stephanie did an awesome job, too! She's raised one smart livestock guardian, and she knew just what to do when she found Toro. Viewer @mywish20 commented, "this was your final step to becoming a true rancher." LOL! "Outside middle of the night rubber boots and a nightgown welcome." It's such a specific picture, but it's one we can imagine so clearly. It's the ranch life!

Though adventures like these aren't a common occurrence (thankfully), we're oh-so-glad Stephanie had Waffles to come to Toro's rescue. Team work makes the dream work! 

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