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Donkey's Cute Morning Greeting on the Farm Is Impossible to Resist

One could probably guess that living on a farm means early mornings. Very early mornings. Roosters will start cock-a-doodle-doing at the first sign of light. And all the animals get ready for breakfast. Now, for some, that's a tough lifestyle being up by 5 a.m. We couldn't imagine! But we'd say most farmers are used to it. Then you have situations like this video from TikTok user that makes all the early mornings worthwhile. 

One of the animals on this farm is named Henry. He's an adorable donkey that waltzed right into our hearts from one simple video. This farmer decided to film Henry as she greeted him in the morning. And the way he comes toward her after she says 'Good morning' is by far the cutest thing we've ever seen. It makes all those early mornings so worth it. We wouldn't mind getting up early if we had our own Henry! 

Stop it! This is seriously so adorable! Henry came running with a big smile on his face as soon as he heard this TikToker. He was so excited to see her. Can we have Henry greet us every morning? It would make getting up so much easier. LOL! "Awe I wish I had a Henry," said @kristenkay1421. Uhh, SAME! Everyone needs a Henry in their life. 

"I just love him!! 😂, "commented @italian_girl_tn. How could you not love him?! He's the most chipper being we've ever seen in the morning. We strive to be this happy when we roll out of bed! Now, what's his secret for having such a pleasant morning routine? We desperately need it. LOL! 

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Another TikTok user, @jmsv2j, wrote, "Good morning Henry thank you for making my day your so 😍." Henry not only made our day, but he also made our entire week so much brighter! 

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