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Video of Baby Donkey 'Talking' to His Mom Is Absolutely Heartwarming

For human babies, it may take a few months before they start expressing themselves with words or noises other than crying. And when they do, they never stop. LOL. Or for anyone thrown into a new situation, it may take some time before opening up and getting comfortable. So TikTok user @onehappyassfarm was surprised to see the new donkey on the farm already feeling at home. 

In this recently posted clip, a 2-day-old donkey was blabbering away to his mama. Yes, he was already talking up a storm at 2 days old! So cute! This must mean that the donkey is going to be a curious and energetic one. We hope mom is ready for that and has her earplugs handy, ha! Although, she has to be intrigued like us because what on earth could this donkey possibly be talking about at such a young age?! Just wait until you see how sweet he is.


Aww, this is precious! Who knew a donkey could be so talkative, let alone communicating at such a young age? He must have had stories about his experiences already that he wanted to share. Or like any baby whining, he is either hungry or has to do his business.

"He seems to have a lot to say...," commented @shelaghvetter. And we have a feeling that he will always have something to say! Do we dare say he could be a future politician?! LOL! "So beautiful! Wow only 2 days...," added @jeepstar1960. Seriously, this mom better get ready because he won't stop talking now! 

@Eric Bronstein said, "The urge to jump through the phone screen and hug this cutie is intense." Ugh, same! Plus, we just want to be there to figure out what he's trying to get across. Luckily, there was a donkey interpreter in the comments! @Melissa Simcox said, "I'm hearing, 'I forever will always love you!'" That has to be the correct translation. He's just happy to be on earth and excited to be part of this farm family!