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Donkey 'Wakes Up the Neighborhood' in Video We Simply Can't Resist

If you live in one neighborhood, you probably don't need to set your phone alarm — ever. That's because Nelson is here to make sure you're up in the morning. The donkey went viral on TikTok for his early morning brays. Thankfully, it seems that people online appreciate his loud morning noises. 

The adorable footage was re-shared by Nelson's owner @nelsonthedonkey, who must've wanted to document the way that he greets them in the morning. "Time to wake up the neighborhood! No kids will miss the bus thanks to Nelson," video's onscreen caption reads. Honestly, you just have to hear Nelson's braying to understand how loud it is. 

"Reposting for all the parents who may be struggling to get their kids up and back to school!" the video's caption reads. 

The video has since been watched over 1.3 million times and some people wished they had a Nelson to wake them up in the morning. "I need a Nelson for my yard," @scotdence72 joked in the comments section. "I want a Nelson alarm," @lrhut added. "I just love how he puts his whole little body into it," @charlesbarnes75 teased. "Nelson sounds like me laughing at this TikTok right now," @annahphillips wrote. 

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If you're looking for a little more Nelson in your life, his mama uploaded a hilarious follow up video. "Hey Nelson, I don't think we were loud enough!" she calls to him from behind the camera. 

And boy, did Nelson deliver. It's like his owner wrote in the caption: "EVERYONE needs a Nelson!"

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