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Video of Donkey's Adorably Epic Clumsiness Is Too Cute to Resist

Just like people, animals are all uniquely gifted. Some are whip-smart while others excel in athletics. That's the beauty of being individuals! For this donkey, though, we wouldn't use the word "beauty" to describe his talent. Dexter is basically a pro at being clumsy, and TikTok is living for it. 

Equestrian @haydenkristal shared the video on her TikTok account just to laugh with her viewers over the animal's clumsiness, but here we are nearly 9 million views and 3 thousand comments later. Everyone's a sucker for Dexter's silly antics! Just wait until you see the way he runs! 

Oh, Dexter, you really are something else. His obsession with inflatable balls is so cute, and we adore the way he runs--just like a happy dog would! Clearly, he's got some main character energy, and commenters can't help but agree. 

"He's worth it for entertainment value alone," commented @helioscentric. "He loves everyone but has to tease everyone equally. Well, yeah, that's what donkeys do! Their mischief is a distinctive personality trait to be certain, but this guy has even more of that gene than most. 

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The only thing more hilarious than Dexter's graceful tumbles is the way his mama talks to him. @Spendthriftfarm got a good laugh out of it too. He especially loved the way she told him, "'You belong in federal prison' 😂." So did we! He's the cutest convict we ever did see--that's for sure!

Still, we can't help but feel like Dexter doesn't totally agree with the verdict. @readynow5555 wrote in the comments, "'I’m just a baby….. I'M JUST A BABY," and let's just say we're reading this in the voice of that little girl.  This donkey certainly is a meme in the making! Go, Dexter!

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