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Beautiful Donskoy Cat Is Like Nothing We've Ever Seen Before

Okay, we admit it, if we had seen a 'Donskoy' cat we would have simply assumed it was just a hairless Sphynx cat. They look so similar! But the differences between the two breeds is fascinating and TikTok user @Rosewellandleela has created a super cool and informative video explaining all about her gorgeous Donskoy cat, Leela.

The Donskoy is also known as the 'Russian Hairless' and unlike Sphynx cats, their appearance is caused by a dominant mutation and not by a recessive mutation in the keratin 71 gene. This video will explain the differences but warning, don't blame us if you decide you want one of these beauties after watching this! 

How cool is that? It's so interesting you won't even know if your Donskoy will have any fur or not until after they are well-past kittenhood. Leela is just a stunner. @Jint711 was with us not knowing much about this breed, typing, "WOW what a beautiful little lady, I never knew there were various types of Sphinx’s cats." @Dragonjones echoes this sentiment writing, "I've been in the vet world for 20 years and have never heard or seen one! So cool." @Bewareofpossum is just here for how Leela looks, typing "She answers that “how would a cat wear pants” question." 

There are other Donskoy owners in the comments with @JadeScarlett saying "My two Donskoy girls looked "brush" as kittens but over a period of three plus years, they became one flocked and one velour." @KarenL says, "We have a hairless Donskoy best cat ever." We just love these beautiful cats and we loved learning something new! Now we want all cats to look like they have been partially dipped in fur!

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