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Doodle's Proud Reaction to Catching a Huge Iguana Is Totally Epic

If you ever needed a glimpse of what Florida life is like, well does TikTok user @gliterpixie have a video for you. It's the ultimate, 'Tell me you live in Florida without telling me you live in Florida.' It involves her Doodle and one unexpecting guest. Well, not too unexpecting if you're a Floridian. LOL!

In the video that has over 1.1 million views, her dog Hank walks toward her with something in his mouth. The long tail sticking out can only mean one thing - an iguana. Hank really caught an iguana and brought it home to show off! LOL! Just wait until you see what he does when mom says no. 

O.M.G. Did you see how excited the puppo was bringing back the iguana?! He wanted to show off his new finding. "Mom, I found a friend," wrote @user1539433753476. LOL! That's going to be his new bestie that he wants by his side always, even if mom doesn't approve!

"I'm sorry but he literally trotted away so proudly😂 like he said, ‘You don’t tell me what to do!’ 😂😂," commented @Talia Jade. He was keeping that thing no matter what mom said! "All dogs act so proudly when they bring a dead animal to you lol," added @andreat0314. It's like they think their parents asked for it. LOL! Or maybe Hank was doing what @bentleytok2 said. The comment reads, "He was just helping it get closer to your gate to get out! Saving him from walking in this heat. What a gentleman." Truly a gentleman!

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@warpedfilms pointed out, "Both are so calm about it. Lizard just like, 'I'm going for a ride.'" As it turns out, iguanas go into self-preservation mode and play dead. The creator said Hank didn't hurt him or even bite him. The iguana was unharmed and ran away. So all is fine in the end! Well, maybe not. Hank was probably upset losing his BFF!

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