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Doodle's Pitiful Reaction to His Bowl Being Empty Has People Melting

Mostly the Goldendoodle was caught on camera giving his mama the hardest time about his breakfast — and people online are absolutely loving it. Apparently, the pup was just a bit upset when he realized his breakfast wasn't in his bowl at the usual time. But luckily for us his over-the-top reaction was pretty darn funny. 

His mama calls him the "most dramatic polar bear" and we'd have to agree. As can be seen on his TikTok page, the floof loves meal times. So we can sort of see where he might've been just a bit peeved when his breakfast was late. "When it's 9:01 and my bowl is empty," his owner @mostlythedoodle wrote in the video's text overlay. Good grief that is one sad pup, take a peek at the look on Mostly's face when he realizes that his breakfast wasn't ready. The drama!

"Mom gibs the foods pls," his owner wrote in the caption. 

With over 3.5 million views, it seems like most of the internet were cracking up over the fussy puppy. "Omg he would never hunger If he was mine," @witchyfolklore joked in the comments section. "Ohhh that face! Those eyes! I just can’t!!!! My heart just melted!!!!" @calciferthebluestaffy wrote. "My God, look at those beautiful eyes!! Mom, please give him food he's hungry," @lupe.joe begged. "Oh my gosh. You better feed the doggo now. And apologize for not doing it faster," @hernandezareana urged. 

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This isn't the first time that Mostly's used his puppy-dog eyes to get what he wants. A second video on his page shows him getting miffed when there wasn't any food in his bowl. "Trying to understand why mom hasn't given me any food in the last 10 mins," the text overlay reads.

"Dinner should be right after breakfast," the caption reads. Too true! Somebody get this good boy some brunch — STAT.

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