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Doodle's Bold Refusal to Leave 'Nana's' House Has Us Laughing Out Loud

The more videos we watch, the more we realize how similar pets and kids are. Kids will cry and complain and cry some more until they get their way. We used to think it was easier with dogs because they will listen to anything you say. But they're starting to get too smart for their own good, mimicking spoiled kids. Just take for example TikTok doggo @aidendadoodle.

This Golden Doodle named Aiden was visiting nana's house with his mom. After some time together, Aiden's mom wanted to get back home because it was a work night. Just like a child, he was upset. But Nana told Aiden not to worry because he could sleep over on the weekend. In his mind, that meant right now. Watch him as he refuses to leave. It'll make you LOL! 

O.M.G. Aiden was not having it! He refused to leave because he wanted that sleepover and he wanted it now. Doesn't that sound just like a kid?! And of course, the mom gave in and Aiden got his way. LOL! Trust us, we'd give in too. How could you not with those puppy-dog eyes?! 

"Aiden said, 'Oh I was just walking you to the car I'm not leaving.' 😂😂 I love him," commented @TropiV. LOL! Didn't she know he had other plans?! @msjump2u added, "Aiden said, The weekend is TANIGHT!!!'" It's his world and everyone else is just living in it! @rachelg0825 said, "We will see you later mom. Slumber party with Nana and Auntie ❤️🐾❤️🐾." At least we know Aiden is in good hands. And he must know it too! He's ready for a night filled with cuddles, treats and playtime. LOL!

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We've said it before and now @alliesmimi is reconfirming it. "He is too smart for his own good!!! Spoiled baby 😂," the comment reads. He clearly knows how to work the system!

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