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Doodle’s Reaction to Seeing a Dog Across the Street Goes Horribly Wrong for His Mom

No one said owning a dog is easy. There are many moments where things go so completely wrong that you just have to laugh. Undoubtedly, every pet owner has had a moment when walking their dog ends in disaster. But hopefully they can laugh at themselves like one person on TikTok, who dared to share her recent embarrassing pet moment.

The brave TikTok creator goes by @ariesfire1971, and when you see the footage you'll understand why we use the word brave. Poor @ariesfire1971 just wanted to take her Labradoodle out for a quick little walk. But then the absolute worst happened. "When your doodle sees another dog across the street…." she explained in the video's caption. In her footage, you can see her dog's leash suddenly tug — and we're sure you can guess what happens next. Ouch!

The comments section couldn't help but laugh at the TikToker's pain. "I need a part two results," @auntiekiki88 begged. "That was painful to watch," @_izzyj added. "Why is this funny," @kourtney_802 wondered.

But many people warned that the TikToker should ditch her retractable leash. "Retractable leashed are the worst. NEVER EVER use them," @maryoneal219 urged. "This is why we don’t use retractable!! We’ve all been there!" @pigwifedoglife2.0 agreed. "This is why the veterinary industry HATE retractables. No control," @lifearoundsadijanefarms added.

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The video was shared all in good fun, however. And to prove it the TikTok creator shared a second video where she added a laugh track to her footage. 

You just have to laugh.

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