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Video of Cat's Fitting Reaction to His 'Door Dash' Order Cracks Us Up

Few things make humankind as collectively happy as food, but even our furry friends can understand the excitement. In an adorable (and popular) TikTok video from @thereidshow, an account featuring Reid the tabby cat and his fur siblings, the impatient kitty practically drools as his Door Dash driver approaches with his food.

As you can imagine, his followers are going bonkers for this hilarious, hungry cat. His reaction to his upcoming meal is relatable AF!

OMG--we're just dying over Reid's reaction to his chickie nuggies! To be fair, though, we'd feel the same way about some delicious nugs. No judgment here, lil' dude! By the looks of the comment section, we're in good company anyway.

"I feel the same way when Uber eats brings my food lol," wrote @mlwatson17. Exactly! Whether it's for an afternoon snack or a meal fit for a king, there is never a bad time to order delivery...whether you're a person or a cat!@Rockylovecat loved how "Reid is so very keen & excited waiting for his food." It could put a smile on anyone's face! 

"Yeh my cat does the same," @carolineranford shared. We don't blame them! Food can be quite exciting, especially when it's something as scrumptious as chicken nuggets. 

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