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New Zealand Penguin's Reaction to Learning She's 'Penguin of the Year' Is Just the Best

Some animals are just ready to party no matter what. Even when they have no idea what everyone is so happy about, they're more than willing to join in on the fun. We mean--why not?

Dora the penguin is the perfect example of this, though not many people expect such a big reaction from such a tiny body! She surprised all of her viewers with her vocal celebration after finding out she won 'Penguin of the Year' at her National Aquarium New Zealand, and now we're obsessed. She's such a happy girl--no wonder this clip is blowing up online! 

Congratulations, Dora! We absolutely get why you won penguin of the year. With such a bubbly personality (and such a loud voice), how could anyone not vote for you?

"The cutest 'I don't know what's happening but I'm here for it,'" commented @maknodaddy1992. Ha--that's the perfect way to describe it! She got so excited from the moment she saw her handlers that it didn't even matter what they were so happy about.

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We're on the exact same page as @faloodah, who wrote, "I can't stop watching Dora's reaction 😭 congrats to this sweet baby." 'Sweet' is the perfect word to describe this little penguin, from her wing-flapping to her vocalizations. We can't possibly be the only ones watching this adorable moment on repeat, right?

Either way, we're not stopping anytime soon. And we have a feeling that @skhale3559 isn't either! She commented, "Hi pls hug Dora for me and tell her I love her 🥺," and we second this! The aquarium replied, "We share all the comments with our keepers who just love them, and am sure they spread the word to the penguins." That's beyond precious! 

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