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Amazing Double Amputee Cat Jumps Like a True Champion

When considering adopting a cat, or if your own feline friend has experienced a traumatic injury, you may be afraid or concerned your fur baby won't be able to live a long and active life. On the contrary cats adjust to a three or two-legged lifestyle amazingly well and many disabled cats are able to jump, run and climb and play – and live a completely full and happy life. 

Case in point? This adorable orange floof that @Rex2paws posted named Rex getting ready for cuddle time in bed. Just look at this precious baby go! 

We just love how he pauses and gears up to make the leap. @panda1_650 describes this acrobatic maneuver perfectly posting, "He’s like *get ready… get ready… jump!* * Plops on bed* Rex’s mind “Mission completed” very cute cat you have!" @user2919491914846 adds, "Rex is adorable! Nothing stops him!" @Toastbox is just here to play matchmaker and says "MY cat has a crush on Rex." Don't we all! 

If you fall in love with a cat who is missing a limb, you shouldn't let that deter you from adopting him. With some patience and guidance from your vet you and your fur buddy can expect a long life together filled with playtime and bed jumps. And lot of snuggles. 

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