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Mom's Story Narrative for Doves That Made a Nest in Her Garage Is Totally Classic

If you also get over-invested in the animals you meet, you're in fantastic company. This hilarious mom has been keeping up with the pair of doves who made a nest in her garage, and she's documenting it all on TikTok. Boy, are we glad she is. 

Naturally, @restingbtchmom couldn't stop there. She had to create a whole backstory for the couple based on her observations, and the results are simply the best. Schitt's Creek fans--see if you can spot the reference!

OMG, we are living for this little family! Not only is their bébé absolutely adorable, but the sheer contrast between Twyla and Herman is hilarious ,too. The only thing nearly as funny is the comments section for this video.

"The switch from Twyla to Herman made me go insane," wrote @maryjokatherine. Ha! It was certainly unexpected and quite a shock, but honestly, it's funnier that way. We felt exactly like @oreo_mt4 when we saw it for the first time. "I’m dying at Herman’s descriptions lmao," they said. It's the first reported case of death by dove! 

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But seriously, though--what in the world happened to poor Herman? @Kfmunozart had a theory that's just as detailed as their backstory. He wrote, "Herman looks like he went MIA because of mid-life crisis and then got attacked.. which then in return caused him to rethink and decide to be a better father.." Whatever happened, we're just glad he's okay and back with his family!

Despite the endless Herman slander in the comments, a few viewers have questions about caring for doves and their nest. @lukewarmishmilk asked, "This is so cute. do you leave the garage door open all the time for them?" and we absolutely loved the answer. 

"There’s been several nights where I’ve gotten up in the middle of the night to make sure the doors open for them," said @restingbtchmom. Aww--that's a great friend right there. No wonder Twyla and Herman chose her garage!

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