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Texas Drought Uncovering Dinosaur Footprints Will Leave You Speechless

VICE World News, recently shared on its TikTok account @viceworldnews an informative video of what's been uncovered from droughts across the world, leaving users conflicted in the comments. For some, these are amazing discoveries and for others, it's a sign of global warming. What do you think? 

One of the discoveries highlighted in this video comes from a state park in Texas. The river's water completely diminished, revealing footprints of animals we've never seen in our lifetime. Scientists believe these footprints date back over 113 million years ago. Holy! We can't even wrap our heads around that. Now authorities are looking to protect them for the future, according to the report. Any guesses on what they discovered? 

Wow! Dinosaur footprints?! That's unbelievable! And did you see how big those footprints were? There was a ruler next to one in the video, but the footprint was so giant it made the ruler look minuscule. LOL! 

We don't even know what to think. It's sad to see a world like this with water levels so low. But the discovery of dinosaur footprints could lead scientists to understand the prehistoric beasts even more. Plus, it's amazing to hear that these fossils date back over 113 million years ago. "The environmentalist in me is saddened, but the archaeologist in me is excited," wrote @Laura Collins. Exactly! We couldn't have said it better ourselves! 

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@ccoryhasafatarse said, "Water hides so many secrets." We believe that now! @TreVau31 asked, "Dinosaurs? 👀." Yes, dinosaurs! According to a CNN article, these footprints were found at Dinosaur Valley State Park. The park is known for its dinosaur tracks, but these ones are brand new. They believe these tracks belong to Acrocanthosaurus, which is a theropod or bipedal dinosaur. These dinosaurs have three toes and claws on each limb. Fascinating!

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