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Video of a Duck Waddling Over for Daily Visit With Human Best Friend Is Simply Adorable

There is no better feeling in life than when you’re an animal's favorite person. It's like you’ve won an Oscar, but without having to wear the tight-fitting dress. One person who is riding the high of being number one is a woman named Sarah Lena, or @bellasarahlena, who can definitely brag that she’s the favorite of a Muscovy duck named Gertrude.

First things first, Gertrude is actually a boy. Yep, as Sarah explained on her TikTok page, her husband gave the duck his name before learning his gender— whoops! Second of all, Gertrude is Sarah’s true BFF. As she explained in her video, whenever Gertrude hears Sarah's close her back door, he immediately makes his way over. The recent viral video captures one such adorable visit from Gert, and you can absolutely tell that these two will be buddies for life. 

Um, how cute is this duck? Sarah later said she loved Gertrude’s “determination” to pay her a visit, and other commenters agreed that Gert had his eye on the prize. “This is making me cry!!! Gertrude loves you so much, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to walk to you [HE] WILL DO IT,” @carmenamaliaf wrote. “My mom had one of these for years. He followed her everywhere. Now… he chased me though! Lol,” @Ejsmith1971 joked. “There's no better duck than a Muscovy. So much personality and so much tail waggle 🥰,” @jamesh1003 added.

But other people wondered why Gert seemed to take the long way. “[He] knows she can both fly and swim right? 😂” @Kimiebear asked. “It bothers me that Gertrude didn't take a shortcut through the pond,” @devo2171 wrote. “I love that [he] chose to take [his] time instead of fly 😂,” @ohsosweetpea chimed in.

Later in the video, Sarah explained that it's “unclear” if Gertrude can swim and joked that he “does not appear to be built for water.” But we think his little walk is just a testament to their sweet friendship.