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Duck's Adorable Reaction to Having Mom Back Home Is Beyond Irresistible

All of us have a favorite person, whether it's a friend, sibling, or parent. This is the kind of person we are always excited to see because they are a good time and you have a special bond. It's clear one adorable duck has a favorite person in a recent TikTok video.

TikTok user @_rubberduclan recently posted a video of this duck, Squirtle, being reunited with his mom! When she walks into the room and says hello, Squirtle, recognizing her voice, immediately starts to quack in excitement. Too cute! Watch the video to see how this ducky greets his momma.

OMG, what a pair they are! As Squirtle's owner embraces him, his quacks get softer as if he is sighing in relief. His adorable tail wags are also a sweet example of his love for her.

People in the comments thought this reunion was so sweet. @devonleesplaylist said, "That tail wag got me. This is the cutest video I've seen today!" and @beachbaby999 commented, "THAT just made my day! Animals never cease to amaze me with the love they give us." The bonds between animals and owners are truly special!

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Others were obsessed with the idea of having a duck as a pet. @kaitlyno40 commented, "Sending this to my husband now to show him that having a pet duck is reasonable and logical." Another user, @windowcatz, said, "Okay well…now I need to get a duck." We totally think more people should adopt ducks. Imagine walking down the street and seeing a gaggle of ducks on leashes. Too cute!

It's clear that Squirtle and his mom have a special bond, and we are so happy that they are finally reunited!

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