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Video of Duck Running in the NYC Marathon Is Simply the Best

Running a marathon is a very impressive accomplishment. 26.2 miles is a lengthy distance to run, and it is a feat that most don't take lightly, which is why successfully completing a marathon is highly celebrated. One unusual animal competed in the New York City Marathon this year and the internet is loving it.

TikTok user @seducktiv recently shared a video of Wrinkle, their pet duck, running in the annual NYC Marathon on November 6. In the video, Wrinkle makes her way through the race course and has a great pace going! Check out the video to see Wrinkle run like the wind.

OMG, this is amazing. Wrinkle did such a fantastic job, we can't help but be impressed! From now on, we want Wrinkle to be our personal trainer.

People in the comments are very impressed with Wrinkle's athletic ability. @mixu85_ said, "Running shoes and all, clearly a professional," and @mathewpowlesland commented, "That duck is doing more exercise than 90% of the human population!" Wrinkle just needs to get a Nike sponsorship now!

Others gushed over how cute this duck is. @cindybrice796 commented, "That is the cutest thing I think I’ve ever seen," and @badarttangent said, "Look at him just strutting. He looks like he’s having fun!" We need to start incorporating more animals into the NYC Marathon—this content is just too precious!

We love that this duck ran an entire marathon! Wrinkle is a vision of athletic supremacy. We wonder if she is going to start entering body building competitions next! 

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