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Video of Duck Running Across the Marathon Finish Line Deserves Its Own Medal

Not everyone is cut out for the running marathons. It not only takes physical strength, but also mental strength to keep you going throughout the long, grueling 26.2 miles. When it comes to marathons, we're the ones on the sidelines with bells and whistles cheering the runners on. The runners are actually inspiring to watch, and apparently it's not just humans who like to get in on the action.

One of the most amazing runners in our opinion is TikTok user @seducktiv. He's a duck named Wrinkle, and he's going to be the next Boston Marathon winner, we can already tell! In a recent clip, Wrinkle is seen out on the race course, keeping in stride with the other runners. He's pumping his little legs as fast as he can. Just wait until you see what happens when he crosses the finish line!

OMG. He even got his own medal! Well, he is Wrinkle the Marathon Duck, for crying out loud, so of course, he got a medal Wrinkle was probably thinking to himself, "Still fast as duck boiiiii." LOL! We're so impressed, but also insanely jealous. If a duck can do it, we can do it, too. Guess it's time we get up off the couch.

"He got first place, no doubt," said @The Local Lizard. Races usually separate winners by age group. Maybe they can start separating it by animal groups. If that's the case, Wrinkle 100% got first place in the duck group. LOL! "Even if he came last I would give him 1st place 😌," commented @I am a BL addict. Ok, fair enough. We'd give him first place, too. 

"What an accomplishment! Great job 👏 😁," wrote @hoodah56. We're so proud of Wrinkle! @Brenton Dill asked, "What was his time? Does he know ducks can fly?😂." Ha! Maybe he'll fly for part of the next race to get a PR time.