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Woman Makes Her Duck a Tiny Raincoat and People Can’t Get Enough

Unlike people, who need rain gear to stay dry during storms, many bird species have a naturally water-resistant coating on their feathers. Every now and then, though, a bird will have a feather condition that prevents them from waterproofing themselves. Enter, Anastasia and Bee. Anastasia, known as @motherthemountain on TikTok, is a duck owner who recently when viral when one of her feathered friends, Bee, needed some extra help staying dry. As any good mother would do, Anastasia made sure her little buddy was bundled up in a raincoat before braving the wet weather. 

If you think that sounds cute, just wait until you see him. The way he romps around in the grass wearing his little coat--let's just say there's a reason this is going viral. 19 million views and counting!

From the tiny size of the raincoat to Bee's happy tail wiggles, there's so much to smile about here. Anastasia is so gentle with her feathered friend, and it's clear there's a bond between the two. Just look how he follows her! As if it’s any surprise, TikTok commenters are all over this adorable look. User @merinara06 wrote “Tell Bee she looks gorgeous in her new raincoat”, while @chrisjohnflora chimed in “Bee is Bae.” Honestly, we couldn’t agree more! 

As much as Bee stole the spotlight, Anastasia’s efforts resulted in a lot more than a cute video. Commenter’s words are a wonderful reminder of how big of an impact an uplifting video can have. They wrote, “Listen, I started tearing up. There are reasons to be alive, and this is one of them.”

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It’s just as heartwarming as the video itself to see how many people have been touched by this duo’s sweet antics. With the most liked comment at over 210,000 likes, user @hanna_and_crouton sums it up perfectly: “absolutely precious 🥺.”

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