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Video of Duck Sweetly Waiting for Her Friend to Catch Up on a Walk Tugs at Our Heartstrings

Having a close friend is important. Everyone needs someone they can rely on and trust to always have their best interest at heart. This is the case for animals as well as humans, and one duck duo is putting on an all-star display of how to be a good friend.

TikTok user @myprideandducks recently shared a video of her two ducks, Cleopatra and Henrietta, waddling across the backyard together. On their walk, Cleopatra got too far ahead of Henrietta, so she waited for her to catch up! Check out the video to see this cute gesture of friendship.

Aww, Henrietta is so sweet to waddle back and walk with Cleopatra! This is a great example of animals exhibiting emotions and friendship. We love the bond these two have!

People in the comments thought Henrietta was the ideal friend. @free_bird704 said, "That we may all have at least one friend like Henrietta, such is my hope," and @roxiep03 commented, "May we all have someone waddle back to collect us." Henrietta is setting the new standards for being a good friend!

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Others got emotional over this moment. @auzsie.jezsika commented, "Why did this just bring tears to my eyes, animals are so pure." Another user, @willywallywiley, said, "Oh my gosh this is so wholesome and precious! Animals are so special!" It's truly so sweet how animals take care of and support each other.

This lovely moment between Henrietta and Cleopatra definitely tugged at our heartstrings, and we are so happy that these two have each other! We hope all animals are able to have a friendship like this.

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