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Duckling's Tiny Knitted Frog Hat Is the Daily Dose of Cute We All Need

Let's face it: life can be hard sometimes. That's just one reason why we need some cuteness in our lives every now and then. Luckily, adorable baby animals like this duckling from @ducks_in_space_ are ready to spread some smiles.

Of course, what adorable animal video would be complete without a tiny item of clothing? This sweet duck is wearing a knitted frog hat that fits to a T, and we honestly can't get enough.

What a sweet, sleepy baby! This video is so relaxing and so adorable that our minds can barely comprehend it. The commenters know what we're talking about!

"I can’t handle how much I like this 😍," said @sunnytheduckandfriends. Isn't it amazing? Everything from the fluffy sheets to the insanely tiny hat is so aesthetic and well-executed. We can appreciate this video on so many levels!

Clearly, Instagram is enjoying this video, too. Over 420 thousand users have liked the clip, and nearly 8 million (yes, million!) have watched it. Just look at how many viewers tagged their friends in the comments! 

This little duckling must feel so loved and spoiled--and we know they're feeling relaxed! Though, honestly, who wouldn't when they're all bundled up like this lil' baby is? It's the perfect nap position! 

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