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Video of Ducks Putting Themselves to Bed Each Night Couldn't Be Any Cuter

There's something so comforting and cozy about getting our pets ready to go to bed at night. Calling your cat or dog and telling them it's time to go nite-nite is something every animal lover finds themselves doing at the end of a long day. But when you think of getting all cozy with your animal companions, you probably aren't thinking of ducks.. unless you're like the lucky duck mama in this video! 

@Babyrabie posted an adorable video where she shows her girls getting ready to end their day. Just wait until you see how much they'll remind you of your own pets!

Awwwww! Don't you want to snuggle them? Such precious girls knowing when mama says it's time to go to sleep, and they all waddle into the house and make their way to bed. Not only is this amazingly cute, but Babyrabie has a sad reason for bringing her babies in each night. As she posts in the comments, "We lost one to an owl last year and vowed never again. I love to listen to them drinking water when I’m falling asleep at night. They’re so cute!!!" How sad. @MeowyMcMeowerson says, "Aww I love that they're safe inside at night!" and @Tabbycat agrees "Bet they feel so safe inside, warm and cozy."

So happy these duckies are safe and sound inside now, and being protected under mama's roof. 

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