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Video of Ducks Having an Adventure on the Colorado River Is the Content We're Here For

When we think of different types of pets, ducks aren't usually at the top of the list. However, having ducks as pets is not unheard of, and some people even keep pet ducks in their backyard. One family decided to go on a family adventure with their ducks, and it is so cool to see!

TikTok user @ducks_in_space shared a video of her family's recent "rough adventure" kayaking on the Colorado River. In the video, she said this was the first time they had brought the ducks with them on a trip like this, and she shared footage taken over the course of the trip. It's so cool to involve the ducks in their trip through nature! Check out the video to see what this family got up on their camping trip.

OMG, this is SO COOL! We watched this video on repeat because we could not get enough of these little ducks adventuring in the wilderness. It's so lovely how they were swimming along the kayaks in the river. What a lovely experience!

People in the comments think it's great that this couple brought their ducks with them. @maryschmidt359 said, "This is the first that I’ve seen anyone take their pet ducks with them camping, and I think it’s cool," and @cflubic commented, "I love how they just hangout." It's important to remember that our pets need adventures for physical and mental stimulation as well!

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The ducks' parents shared a second video from their adventure, where the ducks woke up next morning and got into a little mischief. Check out what these ducks did in the video below!

Wow! These two ducks decided it was time for a morning dip in the river, so they flew out to the middle of the water to hang out for a little while. Their mom didn't seem to worried about this, so I'm sure they came back to the camp grounds after the video!

We hope this video serves as inspiration for other duck owners to take their on adventures. It would be great for the pets, and we could watch duck videos like this all day and never get bored!

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