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Video of Ducks Completely Demolishing a Watermelon Couldn't Be More Satisfying

Who doesn't love watermelon? It's the perfect sweet and refreshing snack on a warm day, and it's healthy for everyone. One group of ducks proved they understand the appeal of watermelon in this satisfying viral video.

TikTok user @luckiest_duckfarm recently shared a video of her ducks demolishing a watermelon. They have a history of going crazy for the sweet fruit, so their mom placed a whole watermelon in the yard unattended to see how long it took for them to realize this. Check out the result of this experiment in the video below!

OMG, these ducks did not hold back! As soon as they walked over to it, their beaks went to work breaking the rind and getting access to the delicious fruit. We hope they enjoyed their snack!

People in the comments were shocked how viciously the ducks ate that watermelon! @shellymuu said, "It was like chum in the water once they noticed it," and @tommie_is_an_angel commented, "Never knew they could do such damage. They’re enjoying the fruit of their labor!" We don't blame those ducks for tearing that watermelon to shreds!

Others thought the ducks should have been given even more watermelon! @trailerparkorangatan420 commented, "You’re gonna have to leave two out next time," and @york.ny said, "It’s amazing how quickly food disappears without a trace. I think you owe them a bigger watermelon next time!" We agree, one melon was not enough for all those hungry ducks!

It makes us so happy that these ducks know how to appreciate a delicious watermelon. We hope this becomes a regular treat for these guys!

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