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Video of Ducks Excitedly Enjoying Their Favorite Treat Is Way Too Precious

It's always fun to give our pets a little surprise in their food. You know, just to mix it up for them! Instead of having the same meal over and over again, you might sneak in some veggies or a scoop of peanut butter. And their reaction is priceless. They just chow down even faster than they normally do, which we didn't even know was possible. LOL! 

TikTok user @luckiest_duckfarm wanted to do the same for the ducks living on the farm. She usually announces to the ducks that they are getting a little something special and they come running, but this time she decided to stay silent. And well, let's just say the word spread very, VERY quickly around this farm!  

Aww!! We didn't know all those ducks would appear out of nowhere. But if there's something special in the water, then of course it wouldn't take long for them to realize it. "IT'S A STAMPEDE FOR SEEDS 😂," commented @kevinbates9125. Seriously, they all came scuffling over in no time at all to get their special treat. Sunflower seeds! Although, the first one was definitely trying to keep it on the low, low. LOL!

"That first duck was like, "I'm sitting on a bad boy piece of information,'" said @beccalouise. LOL! He wanted to keep the treat secret all to himself! @Emmily Gavin added, "The brown one trying to get as much as he can 😂." He was hoping to drink it all before anyone noticed! @Afternoon_stalker wrote, "That first duck had to stop and realize what was happening." We would've done the same thing! 

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And it really didn't take long for others to realize what was happening. As @Carmen Vreugdenhil pointed out, "That escalated quickly." You can say that again! "Pizza at a kid's party," said @natetaylor9472. LMAO! That's a perfect comparison because as we all know, pizza at a kid's birthday party is gone within 0.5 seconds! 

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