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Baby Ducks Follow Golden Retriever Puppy Everywhere in Adorable Video

If you’re a younger sibling, you’ve probably done this a time or two growing up. You have an older brother or sister that you looked up to so much. You wanted to be with them 24/7, so you’d follow them around the house, copying their every move. It probably annoyed your siblings, but you didn’t care. You wanted to be just like them. If this is all ringing a bell to you, then boy, do we have a clip for you! 

TikTok user @joeerato0 shared a video of his Golden Retriever puppy and little yellow ducks that has completely stolen our hearts. And it also brings us back to our childhood. In this video, the puppy and ducks are outside on the driveway. The pup looked like he wanted to do his own thing and starts walking away from the ducks. But the ducks wouldn’t allow that. Check out what these ducks do that reminds us of our childhood! 

Aww! This is SO cute! Or as @tamtam__57 puts it, “This just goes off the precious meter!” The ducks really wouldn’t leave the pup alone. They just love him so much and want to follow him around all day! Sound familiar?! 

Another commenter, @rmburgundy88 had an idea of what the ducks were thinking, “He’s yellow, we’re yellow, we stick together right?” LOL! Exactly! “Pup seems a bit confused but those ducks have found their leader!,” said @lindsayk1986. These little ducks probably think he’s their mom. And even though he’s not, we think he makes an excellent step-parent, ha! 

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We aren’t the only ones who would gladly take this Golden Retriever as our leader. @tobedeterminedstill brought up an excellent point. The comment said, “To be fair, I would also follow your dog around everywhere.” Agreed. We all would follow around this precious pup! 

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