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Video of Ducks Happily Waddling Home After a Day on the Pond Is Full of Pure Joy

Is there anything better than a day spent watching some ducks? It's so gentle and soothing. One woman online illustrates this point exactly with her latest video on TikTok. Which features her pet ducks leaving their pond one day. The video is just so sweet, but the duck mama's commentary about the scene make the footage so special. 

As can be seen on @myprideandducks, the ducks were in good spirits when they left the water. "Just my ducks waddling home after another big day in the pond," the TikToker wrote in the video's text overlay. "They come home every day about an hour before sunset," she explained. The ducks even found a little snack on their way home — snails. And their reaction is so delightful.

"Now wait for the happy wings," their mama joked in the onscreen caption before her duck Henrietta flapped her wings. "Oh the joy of spotting them as they are leaving the pond so I can cherish these moments," she added in the caption. 

The charming video has since been watched over 214,000 times. "Thank you for posting these absolutely lovely videos. They make my day/night," @reneeroze wrote in the comments section. "A perfect TikTok to finish my day with a perfect song, all is well," @rozicon chimed in. "Thank you to these girls for cheering me up today. Those waddles are just beautiful," @juliettedann57 added. "OMG - I would set my alarm just to go and watch them. What a wonderful sight to see," @user1millionand1 agreed. 

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Consider this a day well spent!

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