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Ducks Reacting to Snow for the First Time Puts Us in a Winter Mood

Winter is right around the corner for most, but some people are already experiencing snow. In fact, TikTok user @salad.eyelash is already living in a winter wonderland. The snow stuck to the ground. It looks like there are a few inches on the ground.

She’s probably used to snow at this point, but her ducks, now that’s a different story. In this clip, which has quickly gone viral with over 27.7 million views, she goes to let out her ducks. They have never, ever seen snow before. You could probably guess what their reaction is, but it’s still priceless! 

LMAO! They all were so confused at this white powder on the ground. They were probably thinking, “This wasn’t here yesterday.” Don’t worry, you’ll learn to love the snow! Well, we hope that’s the case because we’d love to see some snow duck angels. HA!

“The first one said, ‘Where am I right now?’” commented @dtx.deuce. They immediately stopped quacking because confusion completely took over. “The one turned around so quick like, ‘Absolutely not,’” added @amberburbo. Alright, well never mind about them learning to love the snow. LOL! @swol.bean said, “Missed opportunity to say, ‘Stopped dead in their quacks.’” OMG! That is absolutely perfect!

Another TikTok user, @Mr.Shroomz420 said, “When you gotta go to work at 5 a.m. and notice your car is covered in ice and snow.” HA! That is seriously way too relatable. Too many times we’ve woken up to unexpected snow that has made us late for work. So we feel you ducks, we feel you!

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