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Video of Durham Bulls Baseball Team's 'Bat Dog' Has People Cheering

There's nothing quite like enjoying a summer baseball game. Hot dogs, pretzels, ice cream and of course, the game. It's a great way to escape for the day and relax. This has got us in the mood to go to a game, but after seeing this TikTok from the @durhambulls, we only want to go if there is a bat dog. 

For those of you that aren't familiar with baseball, there's usually someone who runs to home plate and picks up the bat that was just used. It's a very important job to keep the game moving and so the next batter has space to play. But this Durham, North Carolina team decided to hire an even better bat collector and it's an adorable furry friend. You'll be wanting a ticket to these games ASAP just to see this good boy! 

O.M.G. This is everything! Have you ever seen a bat dog before?! Or at least one as good as this boy. You can so clearly see how excited he is to do his job. The wagging tail, quick response and immediate spring into action. He deserves the world's biggest raise, which should probably come in the form of a treat!

"I would go to the game JUST for this," commented @jessicafarr2010. We ALL would go to the game just for this. Heck, we'd stay extra innings just to watch this good boy all day long. And he wouldn't mind the overtime because just as @JoeWayyy said, "He loves his job 💪🏼😍🔥." Or as @Tina2761 added, "I love how he gets excited after the ball is hit because he knows it's his time to shine."

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We can talk about how great he is at collecting the bats for hours, but we need to also mention the crowd's response, which he probably LOVES. Positive reinforcement is very much needed in this high-stress job. "They cheering after he picks it up restored my faith in humanity," wrote @jakob_miller. Right?! It sounds like the crowd is more interested in the dog than the game. LOL! Now if only we could train our dogs to pick up their toys like this...

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